Action pour la Genève internationale et son rayonnement

Creating Spaces.
Connecting People.


AGIR was established 15 years ago to promote the significance of International Geneva and raise awareness about it. In 2022, the committee has put its trust in a new generation to continue to take up this adventure and continue to raise Geneva’s profile while adding a unique touch to the association.

We want to pursue the idea of creating cultural and friendly meeting places that facilitate exchanges beyond the usual ecosystems to exploit the full potential that Geneva has to offer.



The association AGIR aims to connect young professionals in Geneva through cultural events focused on geopolitical, international, Swiss and Geneva topics to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions. AGIR organized several events for its members, such as after-work gatherings at cafés in Geneva to facilitate networking, private visits and aperitifs, dinners, visits of cultural places, and an Annual General Assembly. 

AGIR also intends to conduct studies with academic partners on the expectations of young professionals in International Geneva. The research would assess how to better integrate and satisfy young internationals in the city and provide recommendations to authorities to strengthen Geneva’s attractiveness.


Maria Isabelle Wieser


Maria Isabelle Wieser is the director of the Swiss-UN Association and former directrice romande and co-founder of the gender group at foraus. She was nominated by Le Temps among the "15 under 40 that make International Geneva" as well as among "100 personalities that make the Romandie".

Fanny Boulloud


Fanny Boulloud is currently Program Manager at WISE. Prior to WISE, she worked more than 10 years on strategy, coordination and project management on different projects related to the SDGs’. Fanny holds a double degree in business administration and environmental sciences (MA).

Jérôme Favre


Digital consulting entrepreneur with an academic background in International Relations. Former regional manager at foraus, member of la Suisse en Europe and the Diplomatic Club of Geneva.

Marie Juillard

Marie Juillard is currently Head of Communications and Fundraising at Fondation Eduki. She is also the Vice President of foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy and was nominated among the "100 personalities that make the Romandie" in 2022.

Gregory Licker

Gregory Licker holds a PhD in international history and politics from the Geneva Graduate Institute. He is involved in various local and national organizations, including AGIR, the Swiss-UN Association and the Swiss Forum for International Affairs. He was Director of the Fondation pour Genève from 2019 to 2023 and Secretary General of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva from 2016 to 2019.

Hannah Reinl

Hannah Reinl is a Gender, Diversity and Inclusion specialist. After working with a UN Entity for over three years, she is now Senior Project Officer at the International Gender Champions, an organization that brings together decision-makers determined to break down gender barriers.

Rima Bey

Rima Bey is a specialist for public policy currently working in a private consultancy firm. Prior to this, she has worked on foreign policy issues for foraus - Forum on Foreign Policy and the Swiss Embassy in Marokko. Rima Bey holds a Masters degree in Public Policy from IDHEAP.

Etienne Vioget

Etienne Vioget is a consultant in a boutique Swiss advisory firm. He leads strategic communications and public affairs efforts for a variety of clients across different industries. Prior to that, he worked for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Washington D.C. and Paris.

Moritz Fegert

Moritz Fegert is currently project officer at Biovision Foundation. He has previously worked in international Geneva doing policy advocacy and research on global health and sustainability challenges working for the think tank on foreign policy foraus and the WTO. He also worked in Swiss diplomacy and is involved in several local organizations promoting short food supply chains in Geneva.

Balthazar Hirt

Balthazar Hirt was born in 1997, and has a degree in Political Economy from the University of Geneva. He is looking to better spread the unique element of International Geneva and keen to further develop activities and events.


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